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mainly engaged in the design and manufacturing of railway, automobile and vehicle products, clean and efficient energy equipment casting and forging.

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Promotional video

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[Aerial photography of the Tongyao factory site, Tongyao's workers' modeling, and ground shooting company doors]

[Worker slogan: Chongqing Tongyao, casting brilliant! Mix Music Launches Title]        

Chongqing Tongyao Casting Brilliant [Explanation]

There are such a group of people in the Dashan Village where Wuling Mountain and Dalou Mountain meet. They are motivated to go in and overcome difficulties, and use the development concept of "flexible strategy to win the market, expand scale and increase strength, and target management to ensure profit" Part-way journey on the long march to the international and domestic markets. This group is more than 600 employees of Chongqing Tongyao Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. [Mechanical roaring workshop sounds transition in seconds] [Explanation] Chongqing Tongyao Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the Pingqiao Group of Wulong Industrial Park. The company was founded in January 2011 and covers an area of ​​532 acres. In April 2018, it was successfully reorganized into a mixed-ownership enterprise controlled by state-owned enterprises with a registered capital of 676 million yuan. The company is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of castings and forgings for railways, automobiles, and clean and efficient energy equipment. It is the city's cast steel production base approved by the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Information Technology. The two series of railway wagon couplers and bolster side frames produced by the company have obtained CRCC and AAR qualification certifications. Since its development, the company has established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with a number of domestic and foreign enterprises with a good corporate image and commercial brand, and has smooth sales channels. The domestic market mainly uses the rapid connection of Yuxiang Expressway, Nanxun Expressway, and Nanxun Railway. [Making product sales schematic map] The products are sold to Chengdu, Guiyang, Xi'an, Heilongjiang, Taiyuan, Inner Mongolia and other places; foreign markets rely on Fuling and Shanghai ports [Production map of product sales] The products are exported to the United States, Mexico, Canada and other places. At present, the company is planning to rebuild and expand the production line of medium and high-end cast steel products, focusing on the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing of the transportation equipment industry. 【Explanation】 King Qin Ke Xing Xing Enterprise, with one heart and one mind to create brilliant. In the next three years, Tongyao will face a critical period of coexistence of challenges and opportunities. We will carefully analyze the development situation and the major pressures we face, and constantly update our concepts to change from passive to active; enhance development confidence and determination through standardized and innovative production Business activities give full play to the potential and advantages of the enterprise and plan a more brilliant future for the company's development!

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