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mainly engaged in the design and manufacturing of railway, automobile and vehicle products, clean and efficient energy equipment casting and forging.

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Development path

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  Year 2011
  Chongqing Tongyao Casting & Forging Co., Ltd. was established! Since its establishment, it has formulated the development tenet of "Quality first, customer satisfaction; continuous improvement, and the pursuit of excellence."
  Year 2014
  Is a year of rapid development. The company has successfully passed the GB / 19001 quality management system and CRCC quality assurance system, and has become a key supplier of bogies and hook brakes for CRRC's major state-owned enterprises.
  Year 2015
  Established a cooperative relationship with Chuangtong, and passed the AAR M-1003 quality assurance system certification, which laid the foundation for export and opened up a new path for the company's development.
  Year 2018
  After years of development, the company's products are not only sold domestically, but also exported overseas, ranking among the top in the industry. In April of the same year, the company was successfully reorganized into a mixed-ownership enterprise controlled by state-owned enterprises, laying a solid foundation for the company to take off again.
  Year 2019
  Chongqing Tongyao Casting and Forging Co., Ltd. successfully hosted the "2019 China Rail Transit Casting Annual Conference", contributing to the research of professional technology and the promotion and application of new materials, new technologies, new processes and new equipment for casting. Highly rated.

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