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mainly engaged in the design and manufacturing of railway, automobile and vehicle products, clean and efficient energy equipment casting and forging.

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Recruitment requirements

Recruitment requirements

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  Chongqing Tongyao Casting & Forging Co., Ltd. adheres to the "people-oriented" talent development thinking, pays attention to talent cultivation, encourages the spirit of innovation, and constantly cultivates talents, taps and exerts their talents. Passionate, working hard, doing something valuable. The company shares benefits, values, and dreams with everyone, and realizes the common development of employees and enterprises.
  Join Chongqing Tongyao Casting & Forging Co., Ltd. and walk with successful people, you will surely gain a successful life! The company provides employees with an excellent development platform and a large space for development, so that employees can give full play to their capabilities, explore potentials, create work performance, and allow each employee to grow with the company.
  The company creates a good working environment and healthy corporate culture for employees, so that each employee feels cohesion and a sense of belonging.
  The company makes every effort to provide employees with a competitive salary level and benefits, and strives for a win-win situation for the interests of the enterprise and the employees.
  Join Chongqing Tongyao Casting & Forging Co., Ltd. to create a better future. We sincerely welcome you to join us.

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