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Several common heat treatment methods in precision casting

Today, precision castings are a very common and always-processed method, and there are many methods for heat treatment of investment casting carbon steel parts in precision casting. Such as casting full annealing, normalizing and normalizing plus tempering. For particularly large precision castings

China National Heavy Duty Casting & Forging Center: Innovative Thinking Improves the Effect of Labor Competition

In the "Dagan 100 Days · Realizing the First Season's First Open" labor competition, the direct division of the heat treatment division of the Casting and Forging Center aims to improve quality and efficiency, takes innovation management as a carrier, and takes safety as a guarantee to fully find production bottlenecks.

Classification of metal plastic forming when forging

Forging is one of the important methods for plastic forming of metal materials, and it occupies an important position in the current manufacturing industry. The internal structure of the forging is fine and uniform, the mechanical properties are good, and the service life of the parts is high. The forging production has the characteristics of high labor productivity, small machining allowance of the forged blank formed, high material utilization, and material saving

What are the reasons that affect the quality of forgings?

The existence of defects in forgings may affect the quality of processing or processing in subsequent processes, and some seriously affect the performance and use of forgings, or even greatly reduce the service life of the manufactured parts and endanger safety
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