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China National Heavy Duty Casting & Forging Center: Innovative Thinking Improves the Effect of Labor Competition

China National Heavy Duty Casting & Forging Center: Innovative Thinking Improves the Effect of Labor Competition

2020-02-05 15:53
  In the "Dagan 100 Days · Realizing the First Season's First Open" labor competition, the direct division of the heat treatment division of the Casting and Forging Center aims to improve quality and efficiency, takes innovation management as a carrier, and takes safety as a guarantee to fully find production bottlenecks.  Brainstormed with branch managers, technical quality personnel, and field operators. Through innovative measures in management mechanism, efficiency improvement, quality, and safety, good results were achieved.
  Team management "big family"
  In the labor competition, the direct division of heat treatment not only focuses on serious study and comprehensive implementation of the group ’s core values, “Customer satisfaction is our purpose”, the passion culture of officers ’entrepreneurship“ do not fight for the first is to be mixed ”, and the efficiency culture is“ one day and two and a half days ” Use ", and internalization to the heart, externalization to the line, combined with the actual implementation of the management mechanism innovation, the management staff advocated" the service first, then management, there is no management without service concept ", strengthen the service function, so that every day Less than 3.5 hours of on-site service, the department manager is vertically managed to the front line of the section; the auxiliary management staff is timely and effective, and the effect is obvious; at the same time, the main responsibility of the strong chemical section head is to achieve "independent production and independent rest" according to local conditions. Further strengthened, all cadres and employees are full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm.
  Quality improvement
  In order to fully achieve the goal of improving quality and efficiency in the labor competition, the division organized a large discussion among all members, pinpointed the bottleneck of improving quality and efficiency, and brainstormed and formulated measures, which achieved good results. First, introduce the concept of per capita efficiency, complete the work of defining and appointing staff for each process of the three production lines, improve each job description and per capita efficiency standards, implement a system of verifying total labor hours according to production plans and efficiency standards, and achieve lean labor; second, increase three The independent management ability of the work section strengthens the functions and responsibilities of the chemical section. The responsible engineers, maintenance, electromechanical, and quality inspection are all decentralized to the work section, and the responsible engineers and technical personnel directly serve the front line. At the same time, the “quality improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency increase” are fully promoted. Engineering, through innovative thinking to optimize the product structure and process of the multi-function line (crankshaft line), effectively improving the heat treatment efficiency; through group efforts to optimize the forging process, eliminating the normalizing process, and reducing the normalizing cost while increasing the isothermal normalizing line capacity; Use brains to improve KP line cooling control facilities after forging, and independently develop cooling control technology after forging, which greatly reduces energy costs.
  Grasp the "key point" of quality
  Adhering to the "customer satisfaction is our purpose", combing and analyzing process characteristics, by finding and closing potential failure points, the effective improvement of process control capabilities of heat treatment, flaw detection, and correction procedures; perfect quality supervision and inspection methods, and plan accurate processes and product characteristics inspection Table, implement the concept of "everyone is an inspector", and realize the quality supervision and control of all employees and the whole process; develop an internal quality information sharing platform to realize the forging process, heat treatment process and the use of quality information linkage mechanism by users to quickly implement responsibilities and correct and prevent Measures to improve the efficiency of information processing.
  Safe production "remember"
  On the one hand, with the "dual system construction" as the starting point, we continue to promote the concept of "my safety, I take the lead", simplify processes, shorten paths, innovate methods, and focus on "me", highlighting self-examination, self-governance, and self-protection. The main line of safety management realizes self-control from different perspectives, and finally achieves the goals of safety inspection, fire prevention, environmental protection, all staff inspection, all staff prevention and control, all staff management, and all staff responsibility. On the other hand, continue to optimize and improve the on-site environment, promote standardization of lifting and transfer operations, optimize on-site setting management, and pass targeted training and assessment, combined with the actual practice of branch production, from point to face, so that all staff can master the system Control methods.

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