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2019 China Rail Transit Casting Annual Conference Held in Chongqing

2019 China Rail Transit Casting Annual Conference Held in Chongqing

2020-02-05 15:19
  On October 16-18, 2019, the "2019 China Rail Transit Casting Annual Meeting" hosted by the China Foundry Association and hosted by the China Casting Association Rail Transit Casting Branch and Chongqing Tongyao Casting & Forging Co., Ltd. was grandly held in Chongqing Tianlai Hotel Held. Fan Qi, vice chairman of the China Foundry Association, Hu Zhenqiang, standing committee member and executive deputy head of Wulong District, Chongqing, Wu Chengwu, deputy director of Chongqing Wulong District People's Congress, Yang Xinglu, vice chairman of the CPPCC Wulong District, Chongqing, attended the meeting. Director Zhang Ning and Deputy Director Ping Songrui of the Economics and Information Commission of the Commission, Chairman of Chongqing Tongyao Casting and Forging Co., Ltd. Cui Daohua and General Manager Chen Zhuanglin, President of the American Strato Company Mike Foxx, Tsinghua University Professor Huang Tianyou, Shanghai Honggang Power Station The company's chief engineer Wu Tieming, Beijing University of Science and Technology professor Zhao Aimin and other leaders and experts. More than 150 representatives from rail transportation accessories and upstream and downstream enterprises from all over the country attended the meeting.
  The theme of this annual conference is "track advancement, quality improvement and innovation, and green development". It aims to build a chain of industry and technology innovation through technical exchanges and discussions to promote the healthy development of the rail transit casting industry. Compared with previous annual conferences, this annual conference showed several highlights: First, the organizer and the organizer paid great attention to it, and the secretariat of the Rail Transit Casting Branch carefully planned and organized. Chongqing Tongyao Casting and Forging Co., Ltd. invested a lot of manpower, material resources and resources. Financial resources, Fan Qi, the leader of the China Foundry Association, came to the conference; the second was to receive the attention and support of the local government. Hu Zhenqiang, the standing committee member and executive deputy head of Wulong District Committee of Chongqing City, took 7 leaders of the city to participate in the meeting; More than 10 people from the American Strato Company attended the meeting and made a report with the experts. Fourth, the annual report and the number of participants were the largest in the past. The report was wonderful, the audience was attentive, and the hall was exceptionally quiet. The conference achieved simultaneous interpretation.
  On the afternoon of the 16th, the China Railroad Casting Branch of the China Foundry Association held a council. Under the auspices of the branch secretary-general, Xu Guibao, representatives of the director units exchanged their production, product, and environmental protection input, and discussed the Sino-US trade war since Impact, everyone agrees: As the pressure on environmental protection and safety increases, the cost of production increases, but the price of castings is still in place, or even falling. As a rail transit casting manufacturer, we must unite without a price war. Do not win the bid. Secretary-General Xu also introduced the branch's work this year.
  The annual meeting officially opened on the morning of the 17th. Fan Qi, Vice Chairman of the China Foundry Association, and Hu Zhenqiang, Executive Deputy Mayor of Wulong District, Chongqing, gave warmly opening speeches. At the same time, Chairman Fan brought "the changes in China's foundry development environment and new management requirements." The wonderful report shows that the China Foundry Association has been working hard to help and guide enterprises to solve the problems of survival and high-quality development. Professor Huang Tianyou, Professor Wu Tieming, and Professor Zhao Aimin shared the research results of solid grounding with great expectations and reservations. Mike FOXX introduced the development of the railway casting market in North America. Chen Zhuanglin, general manager of Tongyao Company, introduced his experience and experience in terms of talents and markets. Expert representatives exchanged and demonstrated their achievements in green modeling materials, simulation software applications, casting process design and improvement, etc. The academic report has a forward-looking theme, rich content, and strong practical guidance, which has won praise from participants.
  On the 18th, the delegates visited Chongqing Tongyao Casting & Forging Co., Ltd., Tongyao's advanced equipment, mature products, active export marketing, and spirit of staff, left a deep impression on everyone.
  During the meeting, Deputy Secretary-General Ma Hongru of China Foundry Association and the leaders of Chongqing Wulong District Industrial Park Management Committee had an in-depth discussion on the issue of the foundry industrial park.
  At last, the branch secretary Xu Guibao summarized the conference. He said that CRRC Qishuyan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd., as the anchor unit of the China Railway Association's Rail Transportation Branch Secretariat, actively supported the work of the branch. Under the leadership of the China Foundry Association, the secretariat will, as always, bridge the communication between foundry companies, provide stronger support for the development of China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and provide professional technical research and new materials, new technologies, and new technologies for foundry. Make greater contributions to the promotion and application of technology and new equipment!
  The 2019 China Rail Transit Foundry Annual Meeting was successfully concluded.
Group photo of the China Railway Transportation Foundry Annual Conference 2019
The 2019 China Rail Transit Foundry Annual Conference was grandly held in Chongqing Tianlai Hotel. Secretary-General Xu Guibao presided over the opening ceremony, and Deputy Secretary-General Gu Xiaodong chaired the special report.
Vice President Fan Qi of China Foundry Association made a report: "Changes in China's Foundry Development Environment and New Management Requirements"
Professor Huang Tianyou from Tsinghua University gave a speech: "New Development of Modeling Material Technology"
Wu Tieming, Chief Engineer of Shanghai Honggang Power Station Equipment Co., Ltd. made a report: "Development of the whole high and medium pressure heat-resistant cylinder castings for new supercritical thermal power units"
"Organization and Control Technology of High-end Castings for Rail Transit" by Professor Zhao Aimin, University of Science and Technology Beijing
Mike Foxx, President and CEO of Strato Corporation, made a report: "Introduction to Strato Company and Overview of North American Railway Parts Market"
Chen Zhuanglin, General Manager of Chongqing Tongyao Casting & Forging Co., Ltd. made a report: "Thinking about the future casting market and talents in the new era and new situation"
Xu Guibao, Secretary General of the Rail Transport Casting Branch, made a report: "On the causes of hot cracks in steel castings and their solutions"
Brian Cunkelman, Vice President of Strato Corporation, made a report: "Product and Process Requirements of Strato Corporation"
Dr. Lu Yi, School of the Environment, Tsinghua University, gave a report: "Identification of Dangerous Characteristics of Foundry Waste Sand and Case Practice"
Zhang Junfa, deputy general manager of Shenyang Huiyatong Foundry Materials Co., Ltd. made a report: "New progress and production application of new environmental protection type water glass sand complete set technology
Group photo of the Secretariat staff of the Rail Transport Foundry Branch
At the Tongya Night Dinner in Chongqing, everyone toasted, celebrated business, shared friendships, and Chinese and foreign guests were reluctant to leave.

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